• Tuesday September 6, 2011
  • I’m a big fan of lights, especially during the holidays. Somehow they always make everything feel magical, don’t they? And no matter the blistering cold, the twinkle and sparkle of lights makes it all feel that much warmer and special. I was inspired to make these gift tags after I was taking down some boxes from a closet while packing for our move. What did I find?! Boxes of Christmas lights, of course! Instantly I got excited and started some sketches. :)

    This eco-friendly set of 10 comes in white and brown — the brown tone reminds me of yummy holiday spices. I can almost taste Contessa cookies right now! If you’re unfamiliar with these, they are the most delicious German Christmas gingerbread cookies, mostly found in European stores and are only available during the holidays. Coming from a Hungarian and German background, these were very popular in my house growing up. Alas, I only have to wait a *few* more months to get my hands on some. Cheers!

    Holiday Gift Tags - Set of 10 - Christmas Lights